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Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Scents of olives and olive leaves at a medium-high intensity. Tasting it, one can sense all the typical flavors and textures of this variety when cultivated on the higher hills, at their natural area limit for growth. Specifically: the almond like sweetness becomes a bit stronger while its natural bitterness is well represented through hints of artichoke stems and thistle. Typically, its throat spiciness reminds of arugula and chili peppers.


This specific oil is a blend of three different varieties worked in with a tad of hazelnut. The aromas and flavors that are present in this oil can’t just be described as the simple sum of the ones in its composing elements. In fact, the blending process, has allowed for the development of new and stronger sensations compared to the ones of each single variety. The scent of freshly cut grass reminds us of all the flavors of a hill country setting as a tasteful confirmation of the emblematic Tuscan oils that carry almond, pine nut, artichoke, cypress and thistle. All these hints are elegantly and smoothly conveyed while persisting in the throat.